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Germicidal UV Light for HVAC
A compact, integrated UV Light module that stops HVAC contamination for a healthier indoor environment.

Allergy relief!

Reduces or eliminates allergens generated inside the air conditioner

UV stops the mold, fungus and bacteria

laden sludge that clogs HVAC drain pans and drain lines

Reduces electricity costs!

With UVC-Advantage your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency 24/7.

"HVAC dirty-sock smell".


Optimizes cooling efficiency!

UVC-Advantage prevents the bio-film that insulates cooling coils and degrades cooling making your HVAC system work harder. Increasing efficiency reduces HVAC wear and tear.

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Climate Services Group


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About us

Services include Maintenance, Installation, and Warranty Memberships for the following:
- Air Conditioning & Heating
- UV-Lights to better your A/C Unit
- Generac Generators and other products